Clients We Serve:
Education Facilities; Public and Private Schools K-12, Higher Education, Culinary Art Schools, Trade Schools, Nursery Schools
Day Care Centers
Adult Care Centers
Health and Fitness Centers
Medical Facilities
Commercial/Industrial & Manufacturing Operations
Corporate Headquarters and General Office Buildings


Clients for Life:

Your Satisfaction is Our Guarantee!
At Tenacious we believe the best way to build business is through our established time-tested development of “Quality Assurance Programs”. In other words, do more than just deliver on the proposed commitments but meet and exceed the client’s expectations. That’s our view on how to retain your business and achieve our goal in making you a client for life.



Meet with client to establish and discuss a proposal that may include a facility maintenance and management program providing a systems operating maintenance budget consistent with the goal of creating a multidimensional proactive or planned maintenance program that guarantees a positive return on their operations maintenance fiscal plan. The direct goal of planning maintenance versus reacting to maintenance is the reduction of unplanned maintenance issues resulting in preservation of assets, “The Bottom Line”.